The Twitter account of a deceased person can be deactivated or removed by a family member or an authorised person. To submit the request, the following information is required:

•    The username of the deceased user’s Twitter account (@user or
•    A copy of the deceased user’s death certificate.
•    A copy of an identity document, for example a passport or driving licence.
•    A signed statement that includes the requestor’s name, email address, contact information, relationship to the deceased user, and the desired action (please remove the account).
•    A brief description, as proof that the account actually belongs to the deceased user. This is mainly important if the name on the death certificate does not match the name on the account.
•    A link to an online obituary or a copy of a newspaper obituary can be added (optional).

This information must be sent in English by mail or fax to:

Twitter, Inc.
c/o: Trust & Safety
1355 Market St., Suite 900
San Francisco, CA 94103
Fax : 1-415-865-5405

Based on the submitted information, the account will be deactivated by Twitter. This means that posted tweets will be removed and no be longer visible. Twitter could request additional information to ascertain that the user in question is actually deceased, after which the account will be removed. In connection with privacy laws, Twitter cannot grant family members or third parties access to the deceased user´s account.

More information is available via the following link: