Inactive Account Manager and Inactivity preferences
Since 2013, Google users can set inactivity preferences for their Google accounts. For example, the user can set the preference that the account should be removed if they do not log in within a period of three months. This period is referred to as a time-out period. If the user does not log in after receiving a text message (SMS) or email, a specified contact person will be notified. Users can also give Google an instruction to make the data - such emails, video and history - available to Google before the account is deleted.

To use the different services that Google offers, users can also log in via a single account to Gmail, YouTube and Google Analytics, for example. This is usually done via a Google email address (Gmail), or a username. Google has an elaborate process via which the deceased person’s account, is deleted. It consists of two phases.

Phase 1
The following information must be submitted during the first phase:

•    The requestor’s full name.
•    The requestor’s postal address.
•    The requestor’s email address.
•    A copy of an official identity document or driving licence.
•    The Gmail address of the deceased user´s Google username.
•    The deceased user’s death certificate. If the document is not in English, a certified English translation of the document.
•    The following information from an email message that you have received at your email address from the Google account: The full header of the email message. Everything from 'Delivered-To:' to 'References' must be copied in the message. Additionally, the entire content of the message.

This information must be sent in English by mail or fax to:

Google Inc.
Gmail User Support - Decedents' Accounts
c/o Google Custodian of Records
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043, VS
Fax: + 1 650-644-035

If Google has received this information, the requestor will receive a message with instructions for phase 2.

Phase 2
This phase consists of a number of legal steps, including applying for an order from a US court and/or submitting additional documents.

Because it considers user privacy to be very important, Google cannot guarantee in advance that the account will actually be deleted. More information is available in the Google help centre.