If a user dies, Facebook offers three options for the account:

•    Keep the account.
•    Give the account a memorial status.
•    Delete the account.

Memorial status:
•    The account, along with the photos and messages, remains visible within the person’s circle of friends.
•    It is no longer possible to change, add or remove any content.
•    No new friendships can be made.
•    The Facebook profile no longer appears in friend suggestions.
•    Depending on your privacy settings, your friends can post messages on your timeline.
•    Confidential information like contact details and status updates are removed from your profile.

Delete an account
When a Facebook account is deleted after the user’s death, the entire account is removed. This means all information such as photos, status updates and friendships are removed. The account is no longer visible to anyone.

Submitting a request
A request for a Facebook account to be removed or status changed must always be submitted to Facebook. This must be done by a direct family member or an authorised person. Facebook never gives the login details or passwords of a deceased person to surviving relatives. The request must be submitted via the online Facebook form 'Special Request for Deceased Person’s Account'. The following information is required:

•    The full name of the person who wants to have the account changed or deleted.
•    The full name of the deceased person’s account.
•    The email address that was used to create the Facebook account.
•    The web address (URL) of the Facebook timeline.
•    The applicant’s relationship to the deceased person.
•    The purpose of the request (remove the account or change the status).
•    The year of death.

•    Legal proof of the requestor’s authority.
•    The deceased person’s death certificate.
•    The deceased person’s birth certificate.