You can only access someone’s information if you are a trustee for the person who is deceased and if you have your own Afternote account.

On the trustees page in your account you can initiate the process to gain access to the deceased’s information. This page will also display the status of the process for all trustees to see.

How can I access the information in the account?

•    Click on the profile photo with the deceased person’s name and e-mail address
•    An image of a lock will appear that you will need to click to set the unlocking process in motion
•    Once you confirm this, you will receive an email containing a link with which you can finally begin the process. 
•    The (possible) other trusted persons that are linked to the account will also receive a message by e-mail.
•    The duration of the unlock process is visible via the clock that counts down in the box with the deceased’s profile picture.
•    After seven hours, if nobody undertakes any action to discontinue the process, all trusted persons that are linked to the account will have access to the account.
•    After seven hours, the image of the clock will have changed into that of an opened lock, accompanied by the text account opened. All trustees can see this on the trustees page of their account. Additionally, a confirmation email will be sent.
•    When you click on access, you will automatically be forwarded to the deceased person’s account information.