You can see this in the messages section. If the deceased has left no messages, the page will also display this. 

If messages were left, you can send these by clicking on the send button. 

At that point, all messages left by the deceased are sent at once. The page will then display how many messages were sent in total, and on what date.

This is a one-off action that can only be done by one trustee. Neither you nor the other trustees will be able to view the messages that have been left. It is only possible to send them. This will be visible to all trustees. 

Be advised that not everyone might have been informed that this person has deceased. We would therefore advise you to decide in consultation with the other trustees and/or loved ones what date is best suited to send the messages. 

If the messages are not sent out within seven days after the account has been unlocked, they will automatically be sent.