​"Live each day as if it were your last" 

You have probably heard this expression before, or even said it yourself. But what if today really was the last day of your life? This is a subject that is not often discussed, and one that is usually left until it is too late. 

That’s why Afternote wants to inspire people to reflect on precious moments in their lives and allow them to consciously think about their wishes for their final farewell and legacy.

Afternote gives you the opportunity to digitally store your life story, leave messages to loved ones and record your last will in one safe place. This is not only valuable for yourself but, when the time comes, also for your loved ones.

This way, your final wishes can be carried out, and the photos and messages that you have left for them, can be saved as a loving memory. 

Afternote allows you to plan for the unexpected and ensure your unique life story lives on.

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