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Afternote allows you to make your last wishes known, to leave messages for your loved ones and record your life story in a beautiful way.

This information is stored securely for as long as you live and will offer your loved ones support when you have passed away.

Make your last wishes known

Sometimes the end comes unexpectedly, we cannot foresee when this might be, but we can be prepared.

Record final wishes for your funeral and digital legacy so you don’t leave your loved ones with difficult choices to make.

Leave messages for loved ones

Imagine if you had to say goodbye to the people you love right now. What would you say?

Write farewell messages to your loved ones, so that they will receive a last goodbye after you have passed away.

Create a personal timeline

We all cherish precious memories, but where do you keep them safe?

Collect your most important photos and create a valuable memento of your life. From the day you were born right up to the present!

Start a bucket list

There are often so many things that we still want to do during our lifetime. Unfortunately, they firmly stay sitting on our to-do-list.

Start setting up your bucket list to help motivate you to really achieve all your life goals!


By linking trustees to your account you can ensure that your loved ones can access your personal information after you have passed away.

This way your final wishes can be carried out and the photos and messages that you have left behind can be saved as valuable memories by your loved ones.

Privacy and security

​To ensure that your personal data is protected the website of Afternote is secured with SSL-certificate technology, complies with EU privacy laws and all personal information is stored in encrypted form.

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